Pattern for the construction of a simple shield basket of the metal box style as constructed by Caladin Ironhearth

The pattern for the shield basket is quite simple, as is the procedure for construction it. So I'm going to fly by quite quickly. If you have questions ask me.

The key explains how to make the measurements fit you.

This pattern only really works well on a flat shield on a curved shield. You can make it work by twisting the tabs and skewing the tab bend lines. I'm not going to go into that, as this is intended as a companion piece for a document on how to make an Ansteorran BAS (big a**ed shield)




Lay out the one or two pieced pattern on a piece of metal. I use street sign aluminum, which is available from a local scrap yard, or can often be found at the local highway department, if you tell them about the SCA, and or send a cute lady to do the asking J

Cut it, drill it then bend it. When bending I prefer to use a vice and a hammer or mallet to get a nice crisp edge, but I've seen it done many ways from shoving it into a crack in a fence to bending it on the tailgate of a pickup.

If using the two-piece pattern, bolt the front panel onto the box after bending. You can feel free to use more than one bolt if you wish, it'll be stronger that way.

Put the ugly side of the sign on the inside.

Any way you can get the leverage to bend it works. If using a vice, start with one of the sides and go around, starting on the back flap makes it much more painful. If you have access to a sheet metal brake to bend it on, I envy you!

Bend the top angles first, then the tabs.

Drill a pilot hole for the Lag bolt, which hold in the handle, and Put a drop of glue in the hole to hold the bolt in place. Do the same for the nails, which keep the handle from rotating.

To make it tougher, as a last step take a hammer or a crescent wrench and slightly flare out the edges on the open end, where your hand goes in. This bend will keep the basket much more rigid when hit. Only bend 1/4" of the edge out 20 or 30 degrees, or it'll get caught on your armor/ nipples while you fight.


Bending / Assembling Guide:


Volia! You're ready to make a shield now!