Time Line
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June 19, 2004: We signed the sales agreement with the salesman at Blackhawk, projected finish was October or November.

June 29, 2004: Met with interior designer at the Ryland design center and chose our materials. That evening we attended the Ryland new home buyers seminar.
Walls will be the color furthest left.

Kitchen counters are the dark brown, leather like laminate. Edges will be squared and the laminate will be continuous up to the bottom of the upper cabinets to make the back splash.

Kitchen cabinets will be natural pecan, the one on the right.

3 sides of the house will be the stone shown, the back will be siding, the putty color on the right above the stone. (It's that composite stuff that's considered masonry for insurance). The front door will be the green in the middle. Soffits and trim will be white, shown on the left. The garage door will also be putty.

The kitchen, entry and the utility will be the tile shown.

Both the bathrooms will be the vinyl flooring.

We upgraded the carpet a lot so we could get 60 oz., which still isn't as good as what we had installed in our living room, but it's the thickest they offered.

It took us a bit to finalize all the options, plus the people we were working with were often out of town. Our papers were not passed on to the building supervisor until finalized.

August 10, 2004: Pre build meeting with building supervisor of Blackhawk
We met with the supervisor to go over the plans in detail and place the extra outlets and light fixtures we wanted.

The house was placed a little differently than we expected on the lot, so there was much discussion and measuring and estimating to make sure we would still have the access through the side yard to the back yard that we need. We decided to leave the house as it was staked, but we are still worried about having enough room to get back there because of the angle they may need to grade on that side of the house.

The basic area of the house is staked with orange flags.

The superintendant said the slab would be ready to pour in 2 weeks and would be finished in December.

August 19, 2004: Forms up, gravel fill dumped

August 25, 2004: Trenches started, gravel spread around and used to reinforce forms. (About 2 weeks from initial meeting)

August 29, 2004: Plumbers have put in the drain system.
The red marks on the driveway in the first picture mark the underground cable TV line.

The next picture shows where the drain plumbing exit the slab. It's plugged and they have filled the lines with water. The picture to the left shows where they ran it through a larger line as reinforcement where it passes under the outer wall.

Below. This is the garage, the hot water heater is there next to the outer wall, the water softener loop goes to the left of it and next to that is the utility sink rough in.

The plumbing for the guest bath - tub, toilet, sink.

September 2, 2004: pre-pour inspection by our independant inspector
Our floor plug in the living room wasn't run yet and not all of the cable ends were duct taped to prevent concrete adhering to it, but other than that, it's ready to pour.
The trenches will be filled with concrete and become support beams.

The cables are supported by plastic "chairs" to keep them in place while the concrete is poured.

Far left is the drain line run from the right front corner of the garage to near the fire hydrant.

Middle is the electricity run from the left front corner of our property to the left front corner of the house where our son's room is.

Left shows the extra rebar they put in under our entry way, just outside the front door where the slab will have the most stress.

September 6, 2004: Foundation poured, forms removed
The stepped-down area in the picture to the left is our garage.

The stone goes as far as the lip, then the rest is siding like the back of the house will be.

Left is our back "covered" porch.

The only possible flaw we saw was this wire sticking up through the concrete in the master bath.

Middle: Master bedroom and bath.

The current view from our back porch. (far right)

September 22, 2004: Wow! It looks like a house!
The masonite siding has been put on, most windows are in. The frame for the glass block window in the master bath is in. It's difficult to see, since we took these at night, but the roof is mostly tar-papered, also
Standing in the dining area, looking into the living room. That is where our big TV will go looking into the game room from the living room, there is a plant shelf over the game room door. We requested that they minumize this dead-space, but they didn't yet.
glass block window frame above tub in master bath The back corner of the house in the master bedroom. The window is a box window with a wider sil. The guest bath. They used some really rough pieces of wood for some of the studding in the fire place.

October 3, 2004: A bit more has been done, mostly wiring.
The fuse box will be on the outside of the house, you can see where the wires come out at the front corner. Kitchen bar and entrance to master suite. Our tub and shower base are in. Mmmm garden soaking tub.

October 9, 2004: Driveway poured. Gas line installed, but not as well as it could have been.

October 27, 2004: The rock is nearly done on the outside.

November 1, 2004: Pre-drywall walk through. Second inspection by our independant inspector.
Left: garage wall. The white and red pipes are Vanex plumbing leading from the Mana Blocs. There are 2, one for the out-side and one for the inside.

Webbing is put up to blow the cellulose insulation against before enclosing the walls.

The glass block window is in over the master bath tub.
It's looking great. That dead space in the master closet has been minimized, the half wall has also been left out so that we can put built in shelves there. Our inspecter was concerned about possible leakage of a roof vent installed over the kitchen, access to the furnace which is in the attic and the angle of a ventillation duct for the fireplace. Projected finish is still mid December.

November 10, 2004: Drywall is up!

November 17, 2004: Walls are textured (didn't take any good pictures of that though) The garage door is installed, the interior doors are waiting to be hung, the address block and last keystone have been placed

November 24, 2004: Walls/ ceiling are painted, shelves and most of trim is up, interior doors installed
Left: pantry/utility; Above: dining; Right: guest bath

November 29, 2004: Attic access ladder installed, cabinets are all in